Angela Madsen Returns to Swoop’s World Late Night

Angela Madsen - Photo from by Dman Photography

Angela Madsen – Photo from by Dman Photography

On Wednesday June 26, 2013 at 8pm/PDT (10pm/CDT, 11pm/EDT) we are happy to welcome back our friend Paralympian Angela Madsen to Swoop’s World Late Night. When we last spoke to Angela she was preparing for her solo row from Santa Cruz, Ca. to Honolulu, Hi. After 7 days in rough seas, high winds, and injury, she was forced to relinquish this attempt. Join us as we take this opportunity to hear Angela’s first hand account of what it was like rowing alone on the ocean, what difficulties she faced, and what the future holds for her. After our interview with Angela Madsen we’ll be up to all of our usual fun with Brewskis beer tasting segment, TBones Timeout, as well as our take on all topics, and any interesting news stories of the day. We’ll also be simulcast by AM1670 – Dewberry Jam Community Radio – San Antonio, TX. Swoop’s World Late Night is on Wednesday’s from 8pm/PDT – 11pm/PDT tune in at
Angela Madsen is an accomplished ocean rower with 6 Guinness World Records for rowing oceans. On June 10, 2013 she set out to row a solo ocean rowing boat with no support boat from California to Hawaii. She was to stay on her little boat the entire time, no one to give her any food or water. She needed to have enough provisions on board to sustain her for as long as the journey was to take. Her goal was to row as many hours a day as she possibly could and try not to drift too far off course while asleep.

Her quest to attempt the solo row began with the idea followed by logistical planning, purchase, the shipping and outfitting of a solo rowing boat. It became a tribute row to Veterans of all services and to Spirited Adventurer and her friend Orlando Rogers who was tragically killed in a plane crash on May 15th 2011. He was 26 years of age and was a Royal Marine. Orlando was very supportive of Angela and all of her projects and he was very excited about her intentions to do a solo row. It was during the planning for the row that she felt it would be fitting to make that row a tribute to honor his memory. He wanted and planned on being there for Angela as he was on the Circumnavigation of Great Britain. “Though it will not be the same, he will be there with me for every rowing stroke and every nautical mile. Orlando was a very special and amazing person. The name of my boat shall be The Spirit of Orlando” said Angela.

After our interview with Angela Madsen we’ll be up to all of our usual fun including “BrewskisBeer Tasting sponsored by, sports talk, rants and more.

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