Tessa Fontaine on Swoop’s World Late Night July 19, 2017

Tessa Fontaine

On Wednesday July 19, 2017 at 8pm/PST (10pm/CST, 11pm/EST) our guest is Tessa Fontaine, of Organize My Shtuff™ organizing service. Tessa will will join Swoop to discuss her business, what it takes to get organized, and what she is able to offer her clients. Tune in and get all the scoop on getting your living space dialed in for less clutter and maximum efficiency.  Swoop’s World Late Night is on Wednesday’s from 8pm/PST – 11pm/PST tune in at Swoopsworld.com.


Tessa Fontaine
Tessa is sole proprietor of Organize My Shtuff™ organizing service, and is passionate about helping people achieve efficiency and beauty in their life through good organizing and design principles. As a natural-born organizer, Tessa remembers re-arranging the meat packages in the grocery store as a kid shopping with her mother. After studying early childhood development in college and working for the Unified School District, Tessa admits the most satisfying part of her job was designing her classroom every year. She was successful in making her room developmentally appropriate with home-like and whimsical touches that both the kids, staff, and parents enjoyed. Tessa has spoken to groups of moms about toy rotation, realtors about un-decorating homes for sale, and to Pottery Barn customers for Coffee Talks presentations about organizing with style.

After organizing spaces from warehouses to drawers, closets to garages, and offices to playrooms, Tessa is looking forward to specializing in organizing children’s spaces under the new name, Cargo Bambino Organizing. Tessa hopes to make her dream come true and positively affect the future of a child.

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