Swoop’s World Radio is a Southern California Internet radio show based in Long Beach, Ca., that broadcasts on the Talk Story Radio and BlogTalk networks. Each week hosts Swoop and Peter Dopulos, tap into the arts, culture, politics, entertainment, and lifestyle of Southern California.

Refusing to be locked into a specific category, the duo keep the show fresh through variety. They’ve interviewed politicians, citizens, musicians, community activists, celebrities, Olympic Medalist, Academy Award Winner and more. Their primary goal is to keep the conversation insightful and entertaining.

What started as a weekly show quickly gained momentum and listeners. It was soon picked up by other networks and expanded into two very distinct shows, Swoop’s World Primetime, and Swoop’s World Late Night.

Taylor “T-Bone” Nelson was a frequent guest on the show, joining in bi-weekly for the LB Food Review Segment. After the launch of Swoop’s World Late Night he became a regular on the late show. Providing his insight and banter to the mix, T-Bone also brings a sports angle to the show that often has the listener feeling like they’re sitting in on their favorite team’s secret meeting. He shares his insight and sports enthusiasm during his weekly segment of T-Bones Timeout, where he provides the latest in sports with his often-irreverent commentary.

Swoop’s World Late Night has become the flagship of Swoop’s World Radio. Broadcast on Wednesday nights, the show interviews artists, musicians and celebrities. The trio enjoy a beer tasting segment sponsored by DrinksWinesSpirits.com, T-Bones Timeout, give their take on news of the day, and often banter with listeners in the interactive chartroom. Swoop’s World Late Night is 3 hours of craziness that’s sure to make you laugh. Swoop’s World Late Night is Party Central on Talk Story Radio!

Swoop’s World Primetime consists of Swoop and Peter and a host of guests ranging from authors, community activists and interesting people around the globe. This 1-hour show encompasses a lot of the subjects and community involvement that inspired the launch of the show in 2009.

Swoop and Peter are two of the three founders of First Fridays Long Beach in Bixby Knolls, they also founded Project Oasis and received a first phase grant from the Connected Corridor which helped to create The Top of the Town Arts Festival in Houghton Park in May 2009. Project Oasis has provided the Bixby Knolls chess camp at Elise’s Tea House for the past several summers, teaching all ages the game of chess.

Their work on Swoop’s World Radio furthers their mission to help support the arts and culture in SoCal.

The show was recently listed in the Best of BlogTalk Radio, a listing that places the show in the company of those that have featured such notables as Bill Cosby, Lily Tomlin, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ashley Judd, Denzel Washington, Michelle Obama, and many other recognizable names. Information about the show, as well as archived episodes can always be found here or subscribe and download them at iTunes.

Swoop’s World Late Night Wednesday’s 8pm-11pm PST on the Talk Story Radio.

Swoop’s World Primetime Thursday’s 1pm-2pmPST on the Talk Story Radio.