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Interview with Recording Artist Stefana and LB Food Review



On Wednesday November 10, 2010 at 9pm, Swoop’s World Radio is happy to have Stefana as our in studio guest.

As a Positive Music Recording Artist, Songwriter & Producer, Stefana’s music is created to inspire hope, love, purpose, self empowerment, inner strength & positive change!

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First Friday’s November Live from The Mirage-Michelle Mangione and friends!

first-fri-flyr-nov Chocolate Chip Dancers

On Friday November 5, 2010, we return to First Friday’s with Michelle Mangione and crew at the Mirage Mediterranean Grill. We will be getting some great interviews with singer songwriter Christina Rose, Comedian Stevie Mack, the Chocolate Chip Dancers and even a mermaid.

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Swoops World Radio – Recapping the Midterms

vote-election Recapping the midterms

On Wednesday November 3, 2010, at 9pm, Swoop and Peter recap the midterm elections. Lets take a look at the results and get your thoughts. How did your candidates/propositions do?

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Interview With Eddie Cohn and LB Food Review

Eddie Cohn

On Wednesday October 27, 2010 at 9pm Swoop’s World is happy to have musician Eddie Cohn as our guest. Swoop and Peter will get to know Eddie and introduce some of you to his music and others we’re sure already know him.

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Interview with U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Jason Read and 4-time Pac 10 Champion Jack Nunn

jason-read U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

Jason Read

On Wednesday October 20, 2010 at 9pm, on Swoop’s World Radio our guest are U.S. Olympics Gold Medalist/911 Ground Zero responder Jason Read and Powerhouse Fitness Owner/4 time Pac 10 Champion/Concept2 Indoor Rowing Instructor Jack Nunn.

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Interview with Raspin Stuwart and LB Food Review


Raspin Stuwart

On Wednesday October 13, 2010 at 9pm we are happy to have Raspin Stuwart Singer/Songwriter and all around interesting dude as our guest followed by another segment with Taylor Nelson and Chris “CLiv” Livingston of LB Food Review.

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Interview with Star Parker Congressional Candidate

star-parker-pg-link 37th congressional district candidate

Star Parker

On Wednesday September 29, 2010, we are happy to have Star Parker, Candidate for the 37th Congressional District, as our guest on Swoop’s World Radio.

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Swoop’s World Live From The 3rd Annual Restoration Trade Fair

On Sunday September 19, 2010 1pm, we will be broadcasting live from the 3rd Annual Restoration Trade Fair, for what should be a great time.

This will be an opportunity for us to get to know the many people involved in the preservation of the many historic neighborhoods here in Long Beach, as well as some of the experienced craftsmen that make a lot of the restorations possible.

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