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Swoop's World Late Night


On Wednesday August 29, 2012 at 8pm/PST (11pm/EST) we welcome singer/songwriter/hip-hop artist, Ale-Jhay to Swoop’s World. Join us as we get to know Ale-Jhay, his music, his passion, and thoughts on making it as an indie artist in the music business. After our interview we’ll be up to all of our usual fun with ourh our Brewskis beer tasting segment, TBones Timeout, followed by our take on all topics, as well as any interesting news of the day. Swoop’s World Late Night is on from 8pm/PST – 11pm/PST tune in at

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a fusion of soul, 90’s hip hop with a dash of lifestyle rap, artist ale-jhay strive’s to educate and promote self-awareness for his generation of early 90’s kids. In a industry that seems constricted by generic content and repetitive trends ale-jhay brings a fresh perspective on music with his lyrics.

my bio… just a man with big dreams and goals who refuses to take the “route” that so many other artists take when journeying to the music industry. producer,mixer,rapper.. all in one. had many names and finally decided on one that I’m sure no one has. firm believer in grind first, fame later.. so if you want to hop aboard my boat hit me up… guarantee you i’ll make it.. only questions are: when,where, and how. work for no one.

After our interview with Ale-Jhay we’ll be up to all of our usual fun including “BrewskisBeer Tasting sponsored by, sports talk, rants and more.

This week we’ll be tasting Rusty Chain Vienna Amber Ale by Flying Bison Brewery located in Buffalo, New York.

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