The Rudies on Swoop’s World Primetime

The Rudies on Swoop's World Primetime

The Rudies Photo by Jeanna Justice

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, at 1pm/PST, 4pm/EST, on Swoop’s World Primetime, Swoop and Peter welcome Lexington, KY based band, The Rudies to the show. Join us as we get a chance to chat with The Rudies and learn about their music. Swoop’s World Primetime is on from 1pm/PST – 2pm/PST tune in at

The Rudies
Rudies, a group of cats playin reggae and ska, original and covers. Allowing influences from their different backgrounds and years of musical experience to create a signature sound.

So if ska, reggae and punk are your drink of choice, The Rudies are the rum in ya cola!!

Saint Jerrod (vox, keys, kaoss), Tengo (drums, vox), Mr.Cherry (bass, vox), El Jeffe (guitar, vox).

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