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Jordan Oram (the Maplemusketeer)

Jordan Oram (the Maplemusketeer)

On Wednesday July 23, 2014 at 8pm/PDT (10pm/CDT, 11pm/EDT) we welcome author, adventurer, mentor, and all around good guy Jordan Oram to Swoop’s World Late Night. Jordan just recently released his book Crossing Canada with the Maplemusketeer. Join us as we have this opportunity to get to know him and learn of the many adventures and people he’s met along his travels. Following Jordan we’ll speak with Mike Stand of the Altar Billies as they prepare to return to the Cypress Community Festival. We’ll find out about new music, and all of the other things they’ve been up to. Of course after our interviews with Jordan Oram and Mike Sorrells we’ll be up to all of our usual fun with our Brewskis beer tasting segment, TBones Timeout, USC legend Anthony Davis, as well as crazy insights into any interesting news stories of the day. Also we’ll get an update from Angela Madsen and Tara Remington on their completion and recent arrival into Hawaii of world record setting Tribute Row to Hawaii. Swoop’s World Late Night is on Wednesday’s from 8pm/PST – 11pm/PST tune in at

Jordan Oram (the Maplemusketeer)

My name is Jordan Oram, and I am a person, like any other, on this giant spinning blueberry in space. I have a few areas of strength and many more areas of weakness. I have dreams and fears, triumphs and failures; I also procrastinate. I take little steps forward in pursuit of my passion: encouraging awesomeness; I’m able to do this with the support and encouragement of my friends and my family, and with the use of my skills and abilities.

In April 2012, starting with around $250, I set out from Victoria, British Columbia, on the West Coast of Canada, and traveled over 7000km to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the East Coast. Then I made my way back.

It was a 7-month journey that was over 32 years in the making. I took over 24 000 pictures, starting with an old beat-up point and shoot camera before being given a not-as-old beat-up DSLR camera. Another person gave me a lens for the camera. Another person gave me $20 so I could buy a memory card for that camera. I didn’t take my pictures alone. I didn’t travel across the country alone. It was a collaborative quest.

This journey is a bit about me, but more so, it is about us… and our world. Not just the people, stories, and places shown on television, with the fear-mongering shiny plastic veneer of celebrity, but the undergirding ever-present struggle, life, joy, sorrow, success, and beauty of awesomeness unfolding all around that we are a part of, that we walk and interact with, that we, by our choices, actions, and non-actions, shape all of our tomorrows with.

The world is a dynamic place, not a static experience set on repeat. This is both frightening and exciting. This is both challenging and invitational. This is life for the living; little steps at a time.

You are incredible. Our world is amazing. Each day, each minute, each moment is unique and fleeting.

Come with me, and let’s explore and meet the awesomeness unfolding, growing, revealing, and undergirding our every days. May this journey challenge you, inspire you, frighten you, invite you, and delight you.

The Altar Billies
Led by Altar Boys front man Mike Stand on geetar and vocals, the group has taken the music of the Altar Boys, stripped it down to its roots, put a twang to it, and a swing that will keep your toes a tapp’n and your fingers snapp’n. Rounding out the line up are Johnny X on upright and Chuck “Wagon” Cummings on the skins. Available for barn dances, hoedowns, revival meet’ns, as a closer, opener, and anything in between, whatever…… So ya’ll give us a holler, and we’ll come down yer way right lickity split.

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