Tom Mossman on Swoop’s World Late Night

Tom Mossman

On Wednesday March 29, 2017 at 8pm/PST (10pm/CST, 11pm/EST) we are happy to welcome Tom Mossman coach and owner of Go The Distance (GTD) Multi-sport training. Join Swoop as we get to know Tom and how he helps his athletes achieve their goals.After Tom 5 time National Champion and USC legend Anthony Davis joins Swoop to discuss a variety of topics. Swoop’s World Late Night is on Wednesday’s from 8pm/PST – 11pm/PST tune in at

Tom Mossman
A life-long athlete, Tom has poured his passion for sport into coaching. Believing that the best way to live a long and healthy life is through regular exercise – he has helped to transform many dreams of competing into reality. His approach includes committing to working alongside his athletes every step of the way to ensure that they reach the finish line and experience the life-changing effects of pushing themselves to achieve their goals.

He knows from experience that nothing can describe that feeling of coming across the line with a great big smile and knowing that you have done something special. He wants to help each athlete know that amazing feeling – no matter what race they are doing.

As a coach, he has trained hundreds of athletes through programs like Team in Training as well as others and worked with other athletes on a one-on-one basis.

Although Tom has always been athletic, his endurance sports training started in 2002 with the Maui Marathon as a way to celebrate being cancer free for 10 years. After that first marathon, he was hooked on both the event participation and coaching others to fulfill their dreams. It has been a journey – with ups & downs – which he uses as valuable insight to help his athletes get over their own stumbling blocks and plateaus.

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